June 15, 2012

Quebec Nordiques

My dog is amazing, he went a perfect 7 for 7 predicting series winners (he didn't make any picks for round one).  If you are wondering how he picked teams, I'll now tell you.  We wrote the team name on a piece of paper, and then put a dog treat on both pieces of paper (one for each team in the series).  We then put the dog on one side of the room, and the two pieces of paper on the other side.  Whichever treat he ate first was the team he picked.

That's enough about my dog though, time for concepts.  This whole post is about what the Quebec Nordiques would look like if they never moved.  I made a fake timeline of what their jerseys might look like.  If you want to see what their jerseys looked like before they moved check out both whauniforms.com and The Hockey Uniform Database.

1995-1998:  In 1995 the Nordiques completely redesigned their uniforms.  The colours changed, and a wolf became the primary logo.  These jerseys weren't liked by most fans, and as a result they only lasted three years.

1998-2003:  In the summer of 1998, the Nordiques announced that the unpopular "Wolf" jerseys were going away.  Many fans were hoping for a return to the classic logo and jerseys.  They did get their logo back, but the jerseys were new, with navy and silver added to the colour scheme.  Many fans liked these jerseys, but some were disappointed that the classic jerseys weren't back.

2003-2007:  The Nordiques added a third jersey in 2003, which would last until the Reebok Edge jerseys in 2007.  The jersey was navy blue with lots of silver.

2007-2008:  Slight changes are made to the jerseys during the switch to the Reebok Edge template.  A phantom shoulder yoke was added, and the hem-stripes became smaller.  These changes weren't well liked by fans, who still wanted to see a return to the classic set.

2008-2010:  When the third jersey program was re-introduced in 2008, the Nordiques finally listened to their fans by adding a throwback jersey based on their 1991-1995 blue jersey.

2010-2012:  The third jersey became the home jersey, and a matching away jersey was added.  The previous home jersey stayed as a third jersey.

2012-Future:  On June, 15th 2012, the Nordiques announced they are scrapping the third jersey and will only have two jerseys for the next season.

Thanks for visiting.  I'm considering doing the same thing for the Winnipeg Jets, but I might not.


  1. This is great! I actually think very realistic too. Great work as usual and the blog looks great!

  2. I say yes go with the jets I'd love to see it

  3. I love how realistic and accurate this is! Even with the Reebok logos on the back! I'd love to see the Jets as well.

  4. I'll do the same for the Jets, but I might not get to it for a long time.


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